Iowa City, IA

If you live in Iowa City, IA you can rest assured that your plumbing systems are in good hands when you hire Five Star Plumbing. Our plumbers are highly trained and take great pride in providing Iowa City, IA homeowners and businesses with only the highest level of quality service. From new system installation and routine maintenance to emergency repair services, our experts have the training and experience needed to complete any job the right way and as quickly as possible.


Iowa City, IA Backflow Testing & Installation

State and local ordinance codes require the installation of backflow prevention devices in commercial properties. Some residential properties require it as well if there is a chance of a “backflow” occurrence happening. The size and complexity of the system are unique in every situation. Contact one of our Iowa City, IA backflow testing specialists to find out more!


Iowa City, IA Drain Cleaning, Video Inspection, & Locating

Maintaining a properly functioning drain system requires service from an experienced professional. From the installation of any new components to regular service or emergency repairs on an existing system, the Iowa City, IA drain cleaning, inspecting, and locating team at Five Star Plumbing can handle any type of service you require. We pride ourselves on quickly diagnosing and resolving all manner of drain issues so that the inconvenience is as minimal as possible.


Iowa City, IA Faucet Repair & Replacement

Faucets are an important part of everyday life and dripping faucets can be annoying and cost you in wasted water. Five Star Plumbing offers faucet repair, faucet installation, and faucet replacement services for any type of faucet in your home or business.  From kitchen faucets to bathroom faucets, laundry faucets, shower faucets, and outside spigots – we can handle them all! Contact one of our Iowa City, IA faucet repair and replacement specialists today.


Iowa City, IA Gas Line Piping

Natural gas and propane are excellent sources of energy that are widely used in Iowa City, IA. Most likely, you already have gas piping in your home, whether you use it to fuel a furnace, water heater, or oven/cooktop. In order to use gas effectively and safely in your home, you need to make sure that you have excellent gas piping. The Iowa City, IA gas piping team at Five Star Plumbing can help!


Iowa City, IA Sump Pumps & Battery Backups

If your sump pump stopped working and you ended up with a flooded basement, it’s time to call Five Star Plumbing. Our Iowa City, IA area sump pump technicians have years of experience under the belts. That means they can stop basement leaks in their tracks and effectively remove the water produced by them with the best sump pump technology on the market. During a storm, the risk of a power outage or shortage is high. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a battery backup in place as the second line of defense.


Iowa City, IA Toilet Repair & Replacement

Even if the toilet is not being used but you notice a problem, it’s important to have it checked out. There are potential health risks if it isn’t looked at and repaired by one of our Iowa City, IA area plumbers. There is a “p-trap,” which will stop the backflow of waste gasses from flowing into the home, and the water located at the bottom acts as the barrier between waste gasses and the air that we breathe.  For this reason, you don’t want a toilet repair & replacement issue sitting too long before getting in touch with a professional plumber.


Iowa City, IA Water Conditioning & Treatments

Water treatment is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep you and your family safe from unwanted pathogens. Choosing a good water treatment system isn’t always easy. There are many options on the market, ranging in size and quality and the level of their filtration and purification. Our water quality experts install, maintain and repair water treatment systems in homes all over the Iowa City, IA area. They have the knowledge and tools needed to make sure your system is operating as intended.


Iowa City, IA Water Heater Repair & Replacement

The water heater experts at Five Star Plumbing provide expert tankless and tank water heater installation and service to homes and businesses in Iowa City, IA. We offer a wide variety of models for you to choose from and we can install, maintain and repair all types as well. If the time has come for you to replace your existing water heater, we can dispose of your old one and have the new one in place in no time.


Iowa City, IA Water Line Piping

There are a few ways to tell if you have water line piping problems in your Iowa City, IA home or business. Unlike other plumbing leaks, your meter readings usually won’t hint at water line leaks because they usually occur between the meter and shutoff valve. Pinpointing it exactly may take a professional, but knowing it is there is the first step. Damp spots in your basement, on the ground around your house or on the concrete of your foundation, are all sure signs of a leak in a major water line pipe.