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A clean drain is a well-functioning drain and if there’s anything you want to ensure as a business, it’s that your commercial drains function properly at all times. There are a number of reasons why a drain might get clogged and most of the time, you can fix it yourself, but if something truly gets stuck in your pipes you’ll need to call a professional.

your Drain experts

Drain Experts

Drains clog over time, running slower and slower as grease, soap, hair and other debris build up on the inner walls of the pipes, eventually causing blockage. As specialists in all aspects or commercial drain cleaning, inspecting and locating, Five Star Plumbing will assist with all drain issues in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City surrounding areas. We invested in state-of-the-art technology to advise you in the best way possible! The drains in your business can become clogged due to a variety of reasons. Tree root intrusion, residue buildup, and old house traps are some common issues. Regardless of the cause, however, drains that are clogged need to be addressed quickly to return your business back to working order!


Plumbing issues never happen at a convenient time. We’re always available to help – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

Drain Cleaning

Having a drain back up in your business is never a fun experience.  In fact for many people it becomes an emergency that leaves them feeling panicked.  Here at Five Star Plumbing, we understand this and treat every job as if it were us experiencing the problem. 

Whether your problem is a clogged floor drain, plugged main sewer line, blocked toilet, clogged sink or a root problem, Five Star Plumbing will get your Cedar Rapids & Iowa City area business back on track as quickly as possible.

Our experienced service technicians will arrive promptly at the time of the scheduled appointment at your Cedar Rapids or Iowa City area business so you’re not waiting around all day.  Using powerful drain augers, your lines will be cleared of the toughest of blockages to get your drains flowing freely again.  We’ve taken care of many types of blockages from roots to grease to food garbage to wet wipes to toys.  Our job as a commercial drain cleaner in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City metropolitan area is to make sure your drain is working correctly.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain & Pipe Video Inspections

Video Inspection

Occasionally your sewer lines can become clogged or broken behind walls and under ground. In these instances we have just the right solution for your problems. Our drain inspection camera allows us to get video images of the inside of your pipe. This technology allows us to take the guess work out of your problems. 

Our staff will visually inspect your commercial Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area business’ sewer lines and other piping to determine what kind of condition they are in. A high-resolution video camera is inserted into the pipe on a flexible rod.

Images from the camera are then transmitted to a receiver that the camera operator uses to record for later playback. Additionally the depth and location can be recorded to that any obstructions can be moved efficiently and effectively.


When pipes break it is critical to know the exact location of the break in your sewer line to lower your labor cost. With the combination of our camera head and digital locator we are able to pinpoint the location of the break in the sewer line. Not only where to dig but how deep to dig is also given. By doing this you are able to eliminate the guess work out of digging at your commercial Cedar Rapids and Iowa City business to reach or avoid your sewer line.

Sewer Line Locating

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